• Johnny Lim

12 Trips In 12 Months

Taking 12 trips over the course of 12 months is certainly possible. No matter where you live, there are many short and long weekend trips options so you don't necessarily need to take too much time off just to travel (save up that PTO for a big/international trip). If you have a trip already planned for a wedding, birthday, family vacation, then great! That counts! Let's start with a budget. Check out the low fare calendar that Southwest Airlines offers and see where you can fly to under $100. Don't overlook those cheap fares to "boring" cities or states. You might be surprised what hidden gems you can find, and there's an adventure around every corner! A good way to save some money around the house is to drop your cable service, and just keep your internet as almost everything is now online. I also stopped eating out and started cooking more, but to really see the savings you actually have to eat your leftovers! It's not so bad when you eat them the next day! If you think about it, not eating out all day can equate to the daily hostel fee. Hostel traveling is not only cheap, but it's often comfortable and clean! Sometimes staying in a hostel > motel. Don't let the few horror stories sway you away.Once you have the money part down, you can start deciding where to go even if it's within the state. Think about it this way, people vacation out of their home state to your state so there must be something great about the place where you live. If you decide to travel out of the state, the trick is not to think about places to travel to, but rather, pick a place and just go! People often make these elaborate lists of places, only to find that they have spent too much time making a list, eventually overwhelmed with the options. What happens if you can't find a travel companion? Traveling alone may seem daunting. Some people struggle with the idea of being seen out in public alone. Maybe this stems from high school lunch room horror stories of finding a table to sit at...In any case, traveling alone is an art and an acquired taste. Traveling alone means that you get to travel on your own time and do whatever you want. Even if that means sitting in a courtyard and staring at people and you don't have to feel guilty being lazy or doing too much. Think about all the selfies you can take with no shame, but be sure to bring a tripod so it isn't too obvious. ​ If you travel alone internationally, you really get a sense of who you are. You're basically dating yourself when you travel alone. You get to figure out what you actually like without the distraction of the opinions of others. This is the perfect time to figure out who you really are and what you offer to others. You're also more likely to meet new and interesting people. People who travel alone aren't as intimidating to approach as people who travel in groups. Take this with caution as well, you will appear more vulnerable, but traveling alone is relatively safe if you're smart about it. Avoid horror movie logic and don't go down the dark bloody alley. There really isn't a wrong or right way to travel, alone or with friends, cheap or expensive, far or near, but really, the only wrong way to travel is to not. Drive, fly, walk...just go!


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