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Snapshot of Maine

Sandy Point

Maine doesn't seem like a typical travel destination, at least not among millennials. This was evident in the conversations that we came across. On the flight to Maine, we struck up a conversation with a passenger who was surprised we chose to visit Maine. His surprise was not because Maine lacks in beauty or adventure, but because it's not the typical destination like Yellowstone or Yosemite. However, Maine has the Acadia National Park, which offers backdrop upon backdrop of lush landscapes surrounded by crystal waters. Aside from beauty, Maine also boasts a strong seafood scene with lobster and crab being a part of every meal. Check out the gallery within this post to see if Maine would be a place you would like to visit!

The Acadia National Park is approximately 45 minutes away from Bar Harbor. You can easily spend 2-3 days in this area exploring the quaint town of Bar Harbor and hiking/driving through the Park. If you're looking for good lobster/crab, I would recommend driving out of the touristy Bar Harbor and find a "lobster pound" to visit.

For a taste of Maine from a locals perspective, visit the neighboring town of Hancock. Here we saw bald eagles and seals here. You might even get to see a moose! If you have time, take a drive down the coast and visit towns such as Camden and Rockland, where you'll find lighthouses and beautiful towns. Just south of Rockland, scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed at Marshall Point Lighthouse. ​

We visited Maine in early September, just after Labor Day. The crowds seemed to be thinning from the summer, but I'd imagine in late September to early October, the crowds will pick up for viewing the fall colors in Maine. Though, we did see hints of yellow, orange, and red throughout the state, but nothing substantial just yet.

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