• Johnny Lim

A new decade in Nepal

Nepal was never at the top of my list for places to visit. There were few to none in my social circle who had traveled to Nepal, but something changed. Life happened and I felt lost. I was entering a new decade of my life. A new decade with new uncertainties. I started thinking of places I could get lost in to find myself, again. Nepal crossed my mind, and I imagined it to be a bustling city filled people and cars, kicking up dust into the air. At the time, I likened myself to the fluidity of dust in the air. I wanted life to carry me where I was meant to go. I wanted to ride the currents influenced by each passing body, eventually settling down, grounded.

This trip was challenging, but I know I'll go back soon. I'll always think back and see Nepal through rose colored lenses. This is where I left my 20s and entered a new decade.

Bargaining is definitely a thing here, but I opted to pay whatever they were asking. Bargaining just didn't feel right. It never does.

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