• Johnny Lim

Simple Changes, New Dining Room

Updated: Feb 22, 2020

My house was built in the 50s and I bought the house in 2017. I knew nothing about lighting fixtures, matching metals, color schemes, or really anything about owning a home. I just knew that I didn't like what my house came with and needed to change that.

The old setup with the old chandelier.

Replacing the chandelier meant taking away lights, but sometimes less light gives you more to work with. Having a dome light centered over the table seems to give a more warm and intimate feel. The height of the dome light is adjustable, but I'd avoid having it too high. At certain heights the light may become uncomfortably bright when sitting at the table.

To compensate for the lumens that I lost, I added a little lamp in the corner and on the bar cart. The dome light and little lamp are from Target and are similar to ones you can find at West Elm, but cheaper.

Replacing the chandelier was super easy and I was able to do it as a noob in about 15 minutes. Be sure turn off the breaker for the light or even the whole room before beginning any electrical work.

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